Association work with issues that matter and stimulating interaction

Gerhard Stübe

Kongresskultur Bregenz GmbH is a member of seven events industry associations, ranging from A for Austrian Convention Bureau to I for International Congress & Convention Association. Involvement in these organisations requires additional time and effort, but is also an important stimulation for the entire sector. Kongresskultur director Gerhard Stübe in conversation with Thorsten Bayer talks about current trends in his field of work.


Mr Stübe, Kongresskultur Bregenz GmbH is highly active in association work. Last year you took over the “International” section in the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC). What does the extra effort bring you?

The main advantage of the association work is that I have an organisational role and can push agendas that matter to me.


What topics are they?

To me, further training is especially important. Our aim, both as an individual company and also industry-wide, must be to remain attractive and to continue to get the best people in the future too. A second major topic globally right now, unfortunately, is security. On this point we’re searching for the right communication, internally and externally, about how to deal with terrorist threats. An example from the present time: at Bregenz Festival, which has just ended, a lot of people welcomed additional security checks.


What trends do you see coming in your industry?

There’s the fundamental issue of the future of meetings per se. Will everything become digital? The trend is towards so-called hybrid meetings, that is events that combine personal contact with internet-based communication. “Holistic presentations” are appearing more and more: a speaker is filmed at one location and relayed live to other event centres. Attendees there have the feeling the speaker is present in person, in 3D as it were. I assume this form will be fully in place within the next five years. 


The unabridged interview is available here as a PDF:

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