VAUDE Sales Meeting - Foto: Anja Koehler

For the seventh time now VAUDE has chosen Bregenz Festival House as the venue to present its collections.

Eva-Maria Feuerstein beim Speed-Dating - Foto: Luisa Axtmann

For the first time participants were actively involved in the conception and realisation of micelab:experts.


How "cultivated" the people in a given region are can be gauged by the way they shape their own future.


We've gained a lot of experience from small, big and very big events

Bregenzer Bucht

"This is where the holiday begins for us" is a phrase we hear ever so often from northern holidaymakers who are travelling through Bregenz on their way south.

LED professional Symposium 2017

Kongresskultur Bregenz can look back on a successful year, with approximately 460,000 people visiting Bregenz Festival House in 2017.

Kaiserstrand Badehaus_900x400px

All of them are characterised by a high level of quality and represent excellent value for money.


The World Future Council has named the executive director of Kongresskultur, Gerhard Stübe, its ambassador.


Industry experts from the Lake Constance region get to the bottom of the problem by analysing concrete examples


Eros and resonance are research topics in micelab:explorer II