Bregenzer Festspiele Seebuehne

A cardtrick or sleight of hand frozen in time, like a monumental snapshot.

Wolfgang Urstadt

Wolfgang Urstadt takes stock and speaks about his new start, sustainability and the perfect conditions for holding congresses.

World Future Forum, Council

At the close of the World Future Forum the World Future Council has now published its "Bregenz Declaration".

Live_stream_WWF_Teaserbild_900x400px Kopie

Enjoy live coverage as the Councillors describe the global challenges from their own personal perspective.

Live_stream_WWF_Teaserbild_900x400px Kopie

50 experts from all over the world meet for the 10th World Future Forum – live stream of opening session

Urs Treuthardt

"The service we provide is the only way to keep ahead of the game."

Bildungskongress "Orte und Horizonte"

The direct revenues are merely the tip of the iceberg, the bulk of the overall benefit remaining hidden from view.

kongresskultur bregenz

"Desertification is an invisible crisis that is destabilising communities on a global scale," says Monique Barbut.


Explore the Festspielhaus Bregenz from the comfort of your home or office.

kongresskultur bregenz

Bregenz Festival House has started the year in a strong situation regarding bookings.