Mission Statement

Leitbild Festspielhaus Bregenz

Mission Statement: We create the space for our clients and visitors to have special experiences.


The unique atmosphere and our theatrical professionalism make us the first choice for staged events.

  • The magic of the venue, the architecture of the buildings, the theatrical and organisational skills of the people who work for us create the overall atmosphere.
  • With our ideas on staging every single event we help clients to achieve their ambitious goals.
  • If you are looking for something exceptional for yourself and your clients, this is the right place for you.


Core values

  • Imagination and creativity
    We give our utmost in terms of imagination and creativity for our clients and visitors.
    Imagination and creativity are our most effective working materials. We are constantly looking for new ideas and experiences.
  • Enthusiasm and passion
    Every project is a new adventure for us.
    Enthusiasm for our goals allows us to work at peak performance and achieve the exceptional.
  • Innovation and development
    We grow with our challenges and we work every day on a continuous process of improvement.
    Our development is aided by professional working materials and by further training for staff.
  • Creating value and trust
    Through open communication, transparency and honesty we create mutual trust.
    This trust encourages us to act independently.
    We are a team.
  • Thinking and acting in a entrepreneurial spirit
    Our company is orientated towards private enterprises.
    We seek what is essential with simple means and using common sense.
    Everyone here works like an entrepreneur for his/her own company.