Wolford presents new collection


In January 2015, more than 300 fashion industry workers, customers and specialist media representatives from around the world were given an exclusive preview of the new autumn/winter 2015/16 collection of the fashion label Wolford.

Industry representatives from Asia, Europe and the USA streamed into the Festspielhaus Bregenz to attend a presentation of the new creations and to get an initial impression of the collection two and a half months before it is presented to the public. The three principal strands of the Wolford collection – Sensitivity, Elegance and Vitality – were displayed during a gala dinner under the motto “The Unforgettable Touch”.


Before the presentation, the guests had entered the arena through a mysterious time tunnel that

contained striking photographs from the past 65 years of the Austrian fashion label. Once they

arrived in the here and now, they were greeted by the Wolford board of directors, comprising Ashish Sensarma (CEO), Thomas Melzer (CFO) and Axel Dreher (COO/CTO).


Back to the gala dinner: this took place in a room that was surrounded for 180 degrees by a screen that enclosed a central, terraced stage with lots of ultra-thin cloth panels. Between the presentation of the individual collections there was time for a multiple-course meal with live music. After the dinner the thin cloth panels that marked the centre of the stage dramatically dropped to the ground, revealing a ballerina who was wearing the new Limited Edition I, reduced worldwide to 699 articles. She moved across the stage and eventually disappeared into the depths of the Workshop Theatre in the Festspielhaus. Followed by the guests, she introduced the final part of the event: the Black & White Party.


A touch of Paris, Milan, New York and Berlin at the Festspielhaus Bregenz.



Facts & Figures

Title of event: Wolford collection presentation 15/16

Date: 20. Jan 2014


Organisers: Wolford AG


Venue: Bregenz Festival House

Programme points: Presentations, Gala dinner, Press conference


No. of participants: 300

No. of rooms: 12





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