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It is far more than a collection of function rooms under one roof: it is a multifunctional conference centre with extraordinary architecture and superb service. Multi-award winning, with intriguing versatility.


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The great hall of the convention centre. Check out.

Room m²: 700
Standing room: 1000
Theatre style: 1656
Grosser Saal

Our meeting room for your convention and various events.

Room m²: 330
Standing room: 495
Theatre style: 330

A meeting room with an open-air feel. A venue for your company celebration.

Room m²: 230
Standing room: 300
Theatre style: 168

The Bodensee Room owes its unique architectural character to its colour: it is completely white.

Room m²: 295
Standing room: 590
Theatre style: 315
Saal Bodensee
Seegalerie Festspielhaus Bregenz

The seminar room with a lake view. A bright seminar room that places all the attention firmly on your...

Room m²: 161
Standing room: 310
Theatre style: 167

Our meeting room - it can be divided by a movable partition wall for meetings and conferences.

Room m²: 165
Standing room: 320
Theatre style: 165
Saal Panorama

It has the flair of a lounge. It is situated to the right of the main entrance. Have a...

Room m²: 270
Standing room: 530
Theatre style: 220

Cool and elegant – the Blaue Lounge (means blue lounge) gets its unique character from the deep blue of...

Room m²: 176
Standing room: 63
Blaue Lounge