Publicity and promotion

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Stage your event as professionally as possible! It all begins with the choice of the right location, includes a variety of opportunities for publicity – and it’s far from over on the day of the event.

That’s because a professionally conducted review after the event is the key to a successful continuation and positive reporting in the media. We have experts for all this. Ask the project leaders about the possibilities. They will be very glad to assist you and will put together an individual communication plan for you.


Make the most of the advantages:

  • an existing network of media partners with abundant contacts,
  • a homogenous target group in situ,
  • addressing the target audience directly and individually at the point of emotion and
  • image transfer.

Internet event calendar

The quickest and easiest means of obtaining information about events is the internet. Therefore all public events at Bregenz Festival House are regularly publicised in our online event calendar. Through us you will reach new potential guests for your event.


Akzent magazine

Every month, the magazine ‘Akzent’ and the regional TV channel Regio TV/EURO 3 receive an overview of events from us. All public events are listed in ‘Akzent’. The circulation area is Upper Swabia (D) and northern and eastern Switzerland. It is also possible to place advertisements directly in the magazine.


Schauplatz Bregenz

In order to reach an even greater audience, all the events listed in our online event calendar are published in ‘Schauplatz Bregenz’. This appears every two months and gives information about events taking place in the regional capital. It is also possible to place advertisements directly.


In and around Bregenz Festival House

In and around Bregenz Festival House you can find a variety of ways to publicise your event. You can have your guests accompanied at every turn by your (advertising) message. We will develop with you tailor-made solutions to ensure an optimal performance.


Inside Bregenz Festival House itself the following possibilities are at your disposal:


  • eight stationary and two mobile flat-screens for you message,
  • several possibilities for the display of flyers and brochures
  • promotion stands
  • strongly frequented areas for the distribution of free gifts


Around Bregenz Festival House

  • advertising posters (max. DIN A0) to announce your event
  • numerous other promotional possibilities are at your disposal. We will be glad to advise you.

In Bregenz and the surrounding region (Vorarlberg, southern Germany, eastern Switzerland) available opportunities include:

  • advertising columns
  • special advertising space
  • classic billboard advertising
  • posters in the trains of Austrian Railways (ÖBB)
  • and much more.

We would be happy to take over complete project control in the area of promotion and PR for you. Our services include media cooperation, bill-posting, contact with ticket agencies, and much more.