EU Subsidiarity Conference on Lake Constance

As part of Austria's presidency of the EU, Austrian federal minister Gernot Blümel and the governor of the state of Vorarlberg, Markus Wallner, welcomed distinguished guests to the EU Subsidiarity Conference, which was held at Bregenz Festival House on 15 & 16 November 2018.

  • Ansprachen bei der Tagung am Bodensee
  • Abendempfang Hauptbühne bei der Tagung am Bodensee
  • Bundesminister Bluemel begruesst bei der Tagung am Bodensee
  • Diskussionsrunde Parkstudio bei der Tagung am Bodensee
  • Ansprachen im Seestudio bei der Tagung am Bodensee
  • Catering im Seefoyer bei der Tagung am Bodensee
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  • Paneldiskussion bei der Tagung am Bodensee
Meeting architecture

Panel discussions, addresses, presentations, evening reception, press conference


15-16 November 2018


Federal Chancellery


Bregenz Festival House

At the two-day conference the subject of subsidiarity was discussed in three steps. First, the term itself was examined from various points of view including economic, legal, political and historical. Secondly the participants investigated how the principle is currently being applied in practice; and finally discussion centred on how this common understanding can be augmented and strengthened.

With events like the Subsidiarity Conference there is particular focus on professional security measures. These range from person or site protection to control stations such as known from airports. Kongresskultur Bregenz has many years' experience of working with the authorities in this area. For this reason it was possible to provide the heightened level of security required at the conference on Lake Constance in a professional and competent manner.

Bregenz Declaration
The Austrian Federal Chancellery believes the EU should be brought closer to its citizens and trust in the EU should be strengthened. The conference on Lake Constance is intended to provide an impetus for the practical realisation of these objectives. The aim is to put the focus more on subsidiarity in a "Bregenz Declaration".


No. of participants 200
No. of rooms 10



Bundeskanzleramt Österreich


Federal Chancellery / Andy Wenzel

Green Meeting

Green Meeting

The meeting was certified as a green meeting and met the criteria of the austrian eco-label. More details you will find on our green meeting page.