Corporate event – 13th Int. Blum Forum

The sales conference of the company Blum took place at Bregenz Festival House from 13 to 14 September 2018 under the motto "Connect. Collaborate. Create."

  • technische Inszenierung des Firmenevents Blum Forum 2018 © Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler
  • der ideale Rahmen für Firmenevents - Keynote im großen Saal © Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler
  • bespielte Außenfläche beim Firmenvent - Motto Zirkus © Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler
  • Plenarsaal für 500 Personen für den Firmenevent © Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler
  • Setting zum Motto "Zirkus" beim Firmenevent Blum Forum 2018 © Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler
  • ideale Location für die Abendveranstaltung beim Firmenevent Blum Forum 2018 © Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler
Meeting architecture

Talks, workshops, discussions, market place, "circus" evening event


13-14 September 2018


Julius Blum GmbH


Bregenz Festival House

Over 580 members of Blum's workforce attended and exchanged ideas and opinions at various workshops on product, service and creative topics, at the market place with 38 stalls, and during panel discussions. One of the objectives of the meeting was to strengthen ties among staff from 67 countries. An especially big contribution towards this was definitely made by the closing event on the last evening, held in the Werkstattbühne at Bregenz Festival House. Here teams from all over the world pitched in with comedy and musical contributions of their own on the theme of "circus".

In planning the conference, Blum allowed increased space and time for interactive event formats. Among other things, attendees could use an app to take part in surveys and ask questions that were then answered right away on stage.


No. of participants 580
No. of rooms 12



Julius Blum GmbH


Anja Köhler

Interview with Yvonne Greussing

In the interview Yvonne Greussing (Head of Marketing Corporate Communications) reflects about the Blum Forum and the collaboration with Kongresskultur.
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