A playful job fair format

Plenty of recruitment events are rather stiff. But how they can be done differently is shown by Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH (WISTO) which has its own, playful job fair format. It’s called CHANCENLAND VORARLBERG, a network meeting that was held shortly before Christmas for the eighth time.

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About 170 students of business and technology gathered at the Workshop Theatre where, in a relaxed atmosphere, they got to know 25 top companies from the state of Vorarlberg: from A for Alpla to W for Webgears. This enabled the candidates to find out personally about the products, technologies, processes, working culture and – last but not least – the right people to get in touch with at the local companies.


Lasting partnership

Ever since its first network meeting, WISTO has been happy to rely on Kongresskultur Bregenz: “We particularly appreciate the professionalism, the service and the creative thinking on the part of the staff – both in the planning phase and during the event,” says Katharina Linhart, head of marketing and communication at WISTO. On the evening itself what’s always particularly nice, she says, is “that we can concentrate one hundred per cent on the event, without having to worry about the equipment, the catering, service or things like that. That saves us a lot of stress. The fact that it’s so accessible by public transport is a plus, too, of course, especially for students.”



Each year, the network meeting has a different theme. This time it was “EM-Challenge” – referring to the European Football Championships of 2020. The aim was to create space for conversation and interaction between the students and the local business representatives. This was achieved by using individually designed Tipp-Kick football game tables with easy-to-follow rules.

The idea of the network meeting is evidently a success: the number of businesses taking part is increasing, and among students the interest is growing, too. “Once they have their foot in the door at a Vorarlberg company, the chances are higher that they’ll come, or come back, to the region when they’ve completed their studies,” says the executive director of WISTO, Jimmy Heinzl, speaking from experience.


(tb - pzwei) 7.1.2020
Photos: Anja Koehler

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