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The Werkstattbühne, an innovative theatre space, is an absolute all-rounder. For anything from a small-scale Christmas party to a big fashion show or fair, it’s a highly versatile space for hosting events. Theatre safety carpenter at Kongresskultur Bregenz, Pascal Baldreich has been responsible for most of the corporate events as well as the bregenz festival performances at the Werkstattbühne over the past five years.

  • Raum für Feierlichkeit für Firmenfeier © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Firmenfeier auf der Werkstattbühne © Julius Blum GmbH
  • Raum für Feierlichkeit Weihnachtsfeier © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz | Corporate Event Grass, Konzept von (f)acts Events
  • Weihnachtsfeier Firmenfeier 2019 © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz | Corporate Event Grass, Konzept von (f)acts Events
  • Produktpräsentation im Festspielhaus Bregenz © Heli Luger // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Raumkonzept für Produktpräsentation © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Raum für Feierlichkeit im Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Raum für Galadinner © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Weihnachtsfeier im Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz | Corporate Event Alpla, Konzept von (f)acts Events

Mr Baldreich, what’s so special about the Werkstattbühne?

It’s the ideal event location. Here we stage events with standing room for 3,000 people but also exclusive celebrations for 200 people, for instance with a room-in-room concept.


What’s a room-in-room concept?

We use the possibility of dividing the Werkstattbühne up into several spaces using trusses and curtains. At one corporate event, for example, curtains were raised – as the programme schedule dictated – to allow people to see and access a particular area. Ideas like that can be implemented at gala dinners, too, where we can have the stage with a show on it as well as a partitioned-off cocktail bar together at one location.


What projects do you remember particularly well?

I remember a sales conference of a business called Blum. To bring the guests together, there wasn’t just a gala dinner, but games too. It all worked brilliantly. From the technical point of view, a special feature was that two moderators flew down from the ceiling simultaneously. Basically the Werkstattbühne has the great advantage that we can transform it very quickly.


The equipment and technology of the Werkstattbühne are one thing, but what else do customers profit from?

They have a motivated team of experts from different fields at their disposal from the first meeting to discuss the concept until after the event has finished. Having a large part of the material already to hand, we don’t face the kind of logistical challenges that other event locations of this size would face. Together with the client, we implement a master plan, bringing it to life at our own location with our own personnel and material. All from one source, without time-consuming and resource-intensive interfaces. And if a client, despite good planning, should want anything else at the last minute, we can supply it mostly unbureaucratically and without great additional expense.


How flexible is the Werkstattbühne?

It can be used in virtually every configuration, especially as its exceptional size creates many possibilities. As a result plenty of options are available for the customer. In a word, it’s a venue that can run the whole gamut.


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Case Study: Corporate event – 13th Int. Blum Forum
© Kongresskultur Bregenz // Anja Köhler

Case Study: Corporate event – 13th Int. Blum Forum

The sales conference of the company Blum took place at Bregenz Festival House from 13 to 14 September 2018 under the motto "Connect. Collaborate. Create."


Stylish walnut and a magnificent view of the lake are what make the Seestudio (means lake studio) such a different meeting room.
© Matthias Weissengruber // Kongresskultur Bregenz
© Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz


A meeting room with an open-air feel. The venue for your company celebration.

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It is far more than a collection of function rooms under one roof: it is a multifunctional conference centre with extraordinary architecture and superb service. Multi-award winning, with intriguing versatility.
Giant screen for the Werkstattbühne

Giant screen for the Werkstattbühne

Kongresskultur Bregenz offers clients a new projection screen.
© Anja Köhler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
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