Two-day EU conference at Bregenz

Austrian minister for European affairs Gernot Blümel and the governor of the federal state of Vorarlberg, Markus Wallner, will be attending the Subsidiarity Conference – Subsidiarity as a building principle of the European Union at Bregenz Festival House on 15 and 16 November.

Two-day EU conference at Bregenz

Bregenz Declaration

The Austrian Federal Chancellery believes the EU should be brought closer to its citizens and trust in the EU should be strengthened. The Bregenz conference is intended to provide an impetus for the realisation of these objectives. The aim is to issue a Bregenz Declaration that puts the focus more on subsidiarity. The issue will be discussed at Bregenz Festival House together with First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans.


The two-day conference at Bregenz Festival House will be attended by around 200 participants from Austria and other EU countries. On the agenda are panel discussions, addresses, short presentations, an evening reception by the federal state premier and on the following day a closing press conference.


Professional security

Events like the Subsidiarity Conference require a heightened level of security. The security measures taken range from person or site protection to security checks of the kind known from airports. Kongresskultur Bregenz has many years' experience of working with the authorities concerned. "With our very wide spectrum of events, ranging from high-calibre meetings and congresses to the arts and entertainment sector, there are always new challenges, and they are dealt with professionally with the support of experienced and reliable partners," says Peter Spritzendorfer, head of event management and safety officer during events at Bregenz Festival House. "This professional and unbureaucratic cooperation in the planning and implementation stage has now become routine for me."


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