The green location on Lake Constance

Meetings, conferences, congresses, events. If you attach importance to sustainability and environment-friendliness at your organisation and at corporate events, Bregenz is the right place for you.

The green location on Lake Constance
© Kongresskultur Bregenz / Anja Koehler

Kongresskultur Bregenz tries to keep an event's impact on the environment as low as possible through an array of coordinated measures. The Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism has once again authorised the Kongresskultur Bregenz venue to bestow the Austrian Eco-Label on events it hosts. "Green Meetings" and "Green Events" can thus be certified as such at the Bregenz event centre until August 2022.


Instead of causing mounds of waste and floods of traffic, Green Meetings and Green Events are characterised by increased energy efficiency, avoidance of waste and the environmentally friendly transit to and from the venue for the guests. Other central aspects are regional value creation and social responsibility. Kongresskultur Bregenz has offered support since 2010 in the form of Green Meeting tips and recommendations, in order to generate added value for events and for the environment.


Photo: Anja Koehler

Green Location, Meetings & Events

Green Location, Meetings & Events

Learn more about the Austrian Eco-label.
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