“Impossible to beat?”

It’s now the second time that Meusburger has held its tool, mould and die manufacturing congress at Bregenz Festival House.

“Impossible to beat?”
© Kongresskultur Bregenz / Anja Koehler

It’s now the second time that Meusburger has held its tool, mould and die manufacturing congress at Bregenz Festival House. The company was seeking an “ideal platform for networking” for experts from the industry. Its objective was successfully supported by Kongresskultur project leader Eva-Maria Feuerstein and by the location itself, as Darina Giesinger, event manager at Meusburger, explains.


Why did Meusburger return to Bregenz Festival House after its industry gathering in 2016?

Bregenz Festival House went down well last time, quite simply. It’s an elegant location as well as cool. Our customers liked being close to the lake. A decisive factor was also the good cooperation with the Kongresskultur Bregenz team. For example I was in contact a great deal with project leader Eva-Maria Feuerstein. On the basis of the feedback from last year we began to explore the possibilities for this year’s event.

Exhibition, excursion, discussion, talks – it was a packed agenda. How was any networking possible?

The generous breaks between the items on the agenda were helpful. They led to some good conversations. And the atmosphere was always relaxed. In the evening we organised a networking party and for it we borrowed a couple of gambling tables from the Casino where everyone could try their luck and win prizes. That was an experience for all of us and everybody was on the move. Then for the dinner there were only bar tables and people would change places several times. The exhibitors in particular got back to us to say they’d been able to make lots of new contacts and the event had been really worth it for them.

What was Kongresskultur Bregenz able to contribute?

Project leader Eva-Maria Feuerstein assisted us from an early point and made everything possible. For instance, we wanted to divide up the talks among several rooms and not have them one after the other in the same room, as we did in 2016. That way everybody was able to put together their own agenda according to their interests, and was always on the move through the building and kept meeting different people. The exhibitors also got suggestions at an early stage about where and how to present themselves to best get into contact with people. The Kongresskultur Bregenz team also told us who to turn to for additional furniture. There were many small things altogether that contributed to the event being a success.

What’s planned for next time?

The main challenge for 2019 will be how to top that! Bregenz Festival House is already booked. The question we’re debating at the moment is whether we want to stay on the same scale or make it bigger. I’ll get some input from Eva-Maria and her team about that soon. They know exactly what it’s possible to do and always have great ideas.

The interview was conducted by Daniela Kaulfus (Pzwei.Pressearbeit).
Photos: Kongresskultur Bregenz / Anja Koehler

The unabridged interview can be found here as a PDF.

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