Meetings in the spirit of Fridays for Future

Currently in towns and cities all over the world, people are going on strike together for the climate and the environment. Organisers in the events industry and we, too, as a congress centre can also do a great deal to minimise adverse effects on the environment.

Meetings in the spirit of Fridays for Future

Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts here at Kongresskultur Bregenz. That's why we've compiled a list of recommendations on how organisers at our venue can act in an environmentally friendly way, and are happy to make our tips available to you.


We have summarised our suggestions under four big headings. Every measure we have listed is worthwhile, so please take the time to consider how you could implement any or all of them successfully at your event. You will be making a valuable contribution to protecting the climate and the environment with every suggestion you choose to adopt.


Tips for environmentally friendly events


Communication and information

Communication and information about climate-friendly transit to and from the venue for participants


Organise transit by shuttle

Free transit to and from venue

Include free travel to and from the venue by public transport in the admission ticket to the event


Choose a centrally located venue

Accommodation and venue


On foot
By bicycle
By public transport

Selection on the basis of certification

For example certification with the Austrian Eco-Label (Österreichisches Umweltzeichen)

Selection on the basis of environmental standards

Waste separation
Reusable tableware
Energy policy

Energy policy

Electricity from renewable sources

Optimisation of energy consumption:

  • energy-saving lighting
  • heating and air conditioning

Procurement and material

Reuse of material

Name tags and lanyards

Booths and stands

Advertising banners, panels, lectern covering and much more

Documentation and consumption of resources

Apply the minimum principle and/or conserve resources (i.e. avoid documentation – paperless events)

Make sure to use 100% recycled paper produced completely without chlorine bleaching (TCF)

Avoid give-aways and merchandising products altogether or prefer environmentally friendly and regional alternatives

Decoration including flowers: reusable, environmentally friendly and regional or fair-traded


Reusable tableware

No single-use packaging

Avoidance of waste

During procurement

During the event

No overproduction of food, avoid wasting food

Food and drink

Choose seasonal and regional products

Prefer meals without meat

Opt for fair trade products

Prefer organic quality food & drink

Use no factory farming products

Since 2010 we have offered organisers the possibility of holding Green Meetings and Green Events at Bregenz Festival House. These are events that attach particular importance to the conservation of resources and follow many of the recommendations listed here.


Our catering partner evenTZ by foodaffairs is also certified according to the criteria of the Austrian Eco-Label and offers organically grown produce and fair trade food – where possible from the region. In this way good food contributes to climate protection, regional value generation and satisfied guests.


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Green Meetings and Green Events

Green Meetings and Green Events

Green Meetings in green surroundings – Have your event certified as a Green Meeting by Kongresskultur Bregenz. It’s worth it!
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