New Convention App Vorarlberg performs well in test

Convention Partner Vorarlberg app allows an enhanced conference experience

The new Convention App Vorarlberg was tested at two meetings in September and passed with flying colours. Participants and organisers as well as Convention Partner Vorarlberg itself found the app a valuable tool when it was rolled out at the Global Fibre Congress and the International LED professional Symposium. The app provides useful information about the event, the location and the region, and creates new communication possibilities at the meeting – as well as before and after.

New Convention App Vorarlberg performs well in test

Following a feasibility study by the college FH Vorarlberg, which confirmed a need existed, Convention Partner Vorarlberg in collaboration with software producer Festivality developed an innovative app for conferences and events. It has now undergone the acid test at two specialist congresses. The first of these was the 57th Dornbirn Global Fibre Congress (GFC) from 12 to 14 September at Dornbirn Kulturhaus. This was followed by the 8th International LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS) from 25 to 27 September at Bregenz Festival House.


A wealth of information

The app doesn't only supply the basics such as the detailed programme, speaker portraits or information on the location. A large amount of handy information on the surrounding area, restaurants and places of interest is also available at a glance. The items on the agenda and the talks can all be rated, of course, providing the organisers with valuable data for future events. Communication among convention attendees is another main feature of the app. It can be downloaded for devices with the operating systems Android or IOS from the respective stores.


Attendees and organisers were enthusiastic about how the new tool performed. "70 percent of attendees used the app during the congress. Among other things, lots of meetings were arranged with it," reports Friedrich Weninger, organiser of the Dornbirn GFC. "So the app contributed to successful networking."

App as a key communication medium

Urs Treuthardt, chief executive of Convention Partner Vorarlberg, is satisfied with the feedback. "A lot of time and know-how went into developing the app. Now we have an important additional feature to enhance the quality of events and conferences," he said. Comprehensive informational content like points of interest is integrated, with timetables from the V-Mobil public transport network being added in the future. Developments are being driven partly by the World Gymnaestrada in 2019, which will bring thousands of visitors to Vorarlberg from all over the world.


Information on the region and the location is provided by Convention Partner Vorarlberg, while the organiser supplies content about the event. The app isn't a gadget, but a tool that lends a new quality dimension to meetings. "The essential thing is that the app is used as a key communication tool before, during and after the event. As a result its full potential can be used by everyone taking part," says Treuthardt.


For this to be possible, it is necessary that the event organiser and Convention Partner Vorarlberg agree to develop the app in collaboration. The Convention Partner Vorarlberg team has been able to make use of the know-how it has gained over the years from the further education platform micelab:bodensee.


More information on the Convention App available from:
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Photos: Matthias Rhomberg

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