"Making a statement about the future of this world"

For a year now, the director of Kongresskultur Gerhard Stübe has been ambassador for the World Future Council. Jakob von Uexküll, who instituted the Right Livelihood Award, commonly known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, founded the World Future Council in 2007. The non-profit foundation sees itself as the voice of future generations, and puts topics like children's rights, a sustainable economic system, peace and disarmament on the political agenda. In an interview with Thorsten Bayer, Gerhard Stübe explains what the new role means for him.

"Making a statement about the future of this world"

How is the World Future Council structured?

In addition to the ambassadors and the office for day-to-day management, there's the council with its 50 members from all over the world. They include former politicians and artists, for example. They're the sort of people that governments and NGOs listen to. This council meets once a year at a conference, the Word Future Forum. We hosted it in 2017.


Is that when the idea of your being an ambassador came up?

Yes, I was approached during the event. It was also a thank-you for our initiative in bringing the World Future Forum here. That was possible, by the way, thanks not least of all to the generous financial support of the federal ministry, the federal state of Vorarlberg and the town of Bregenz. It was also then that the idea was born for a World Future Festival that could also take place in Bregenz. 


What would that be like?

What we have in mind is an event happening every two years that brings together both aspects here, that is congresses and culture – to make a statement about the future of this world. The festival would have a powerful effect, not only inwards, on the World Future Council, but also outwards. A big concert, for example on the lake stage, would be conceivable as a cross-financed event. That's the direct connection between my functions at Kongresskultur Bregenz and the World Future Council.


How do you see your role as ambassador?

You're an ambassador more in your heart than on paper. The professional position I occupy is congruent with my own personal values. My specific tasks are largely about matters I myself define.


Like what, for example?

I'm still pursuing the festival idea, even though it takes some patience. A charity concert in 2019 or 2020 could be a first step. Bringing together international and regional institutions and organisations worked in 2017 when we hosted the forum, where major Vorarlberg companies and initiatives were guests. It's important to me that I ensure Bregenz Festival House remains in future a place where there's a genuine and lively culture of encounter. It's not just about making money. Kongresskultur is a publicly subsidised organisation. That's why I consider our mission also lies in moving society forwards.

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