Topping-out ceremony for new multi-purpose building

„A building full of possibilities“

Topping-out ceremony for new multi-purpose building
© Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten // Kongresskultur Bregenz

Not long ago the topping-out ceremony for the new multi-purpose building at the Bregenz convention centre took place. The first structure of the third construction phase is thus complete and some workshop areas in it will be able to begin operation as early as May 2023. “A building full of possibilities, new energy and many advantages,” says Technical Director Wolfgang Urstadt, describing the new addition.


Enhancing capabilities
The multi-purpose building, which stands alongside the Workshop Theatre, will in future accommodate a 300m2 entrance foyer with sanitary facilities, a scenery shop for building the stage sets, a metalworking shop and a carpentry shop as well as other small workshops with associated offices.


The new workspace means more space in the already existing structures for the kitchen – which will be enlarged – and its adjacent rooms. “The annexe will make it much easier to work in close conjunction, and thanks to the scenery shop we’ll be able to produce mostly on site. That’s an immense benefit for us, not least in terms of logistics,” explains Wolfgang Urstadt.


Modernised, renovated and overhauled
The third major renovation phase at Bregenz’s congress centre (Festspielhaus) is expected to be finished by 2024. Before then the Workshop Theatre (Werkstattbühne) will be modernised and supplemented by the multi-purpose building, the open-air auditorium will be completely renovated and the lake stage given a general overhaul, facades and platform roofs of the existing structures will be renovated, and the stage technology upgraded in the main building and the kitchen and restaurant areas. And all this while the complex is in use as a performance venue.


“The third construction phase is organisationally an ambitious major project, in which various operations have to interlock and be coordinated with each other,” says Peter Spritzendorfer of the event management team. No easy task. “We’re in constant contact with the relevant authorities and are doing all we can to ensure the renovation work doesn’t impact on the operation of the event and performance venues.”


Congress centre as an innovative Green Location
An important part in all the renovation and extension work is played by ecological aspects. For instance, the new heating and energy plan envisages a shift away from fossil fuels in the medium term, which should be made possible by using seawater. The preservation of resources will be boosted by greening the centre’s flat roofs, by means of which the room temperature in the summer can be lowered by up to four degrees.


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