Central Europe's first training platform for event organisers

BodenseeMeeting develops first training platform for event organisers in Central Europe

Industry representatives from Lake Constance region meet to discuss project

Singen, 19 June 2015 – This week, a hundred representatives of the events industry, tourism and business from the Lake Constance region got together with the aim of developing the first training platform for event organisers in German-speaking central Europe. The meeting, held in Singen (Germany), was convened on the initiative of the networks BodenseeMeeting and "der kongress tanzt".

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Events are an important sector of the economy in the Lake Constance region. In particular, the more than one thousand multi-day congresses and conferences that take place each year around the lake contribute to the region's economic vitality. The region's events industry is not only good business but it's also innovative, pioneering developments within the industry itself.


On the initiative of the network BodenseeMeeting, representatives of the sector are currently developing a training platform for event organisers – an absolute novelty in German-speaking countries. The project is being supported by the Berlin network "der kongress tanzt" founded by the event dramaturge Tina Gadow and the communication expert Michael Gleich.


The starting pistol was fired this week at Singen municipal hall, where about a hundred representatives of the events industry, tourism and business from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein came together for a meeting. On the basis of current knowledge and together with a panel of experts, they developed and refined some prototypes for the training platform.

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Congresses should be fun

BodenseeMeeting is a network of 14 representatives of the congress industry, tourism and business from the Lake Constance region. For over twenty years it has promoted Lake Constance as a region for holding conferences and congresses. Together with researchers from various disciplines it has been working intensively for three years now on developing new congress formats.


Their credo: speaker-focused meetings with a handful of experts and lots of bored listeners are a thing of the past. Congresses should be fun. Participants want to learn something, engage with others on an equal footing, and do some networking. Everybody should be able to profit from everyone else. We're all experts in our field.


The "mice lab" research project, initiated in 2013, has generated ideas for a new and lively event culture. Now in its third year, it has produced its first findings along with many impulses which a whole industry can profit from in the form of a training platform – on an equal footing and having fun while learning, of course.


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