Seebühne & Seetribüne

Bregenz Festival, Elton John, Udo Jürgens, Peter Gabriel, Xavier Naidoo ...

The Floating Stage: a unique backdrop. The event venue on Lake Constance with an added bonus.

  • Blick von Hohentwiel auf Seetribüne Festspielhaus Bregenz © Heli Luger // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Sonnenuntergang auf der Seetribüne © Heli Luger // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Schiffsanlegestelle, Festspielhaus Bregenz © Manuel Riesterer // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Konzert vor der Seebühne Festspielhaus Bregenz © Heli Luger // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Seetribüne Festspielhaus Bregenz © Bruno Klomfar // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Schiffsanlegestelle, Seebühne in Bregenz © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Terrasse auf der Seetribüne Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Hohentwiel legt am Seebühnen-Steg an © Heli Luger // Kongresskultur Bregenz

Unique Location

They are part of what makes Bregenz Festival House such an enticing event location: the world’s largest floating stage and its rostrum, where during the summer, up to 6,659 spectators per event experience the internationally acclaimed productions of the Bregenz Festival – high-brow culture in the open air. They also provide a unique view of the mountains and the sunset on the horizon, right above the lake. The size of the stage demands international artists. Pop stars such as Falco, Herbert Grönemeyer, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp, Udo Jürgens, Xavier Naidoo and even Elton John have already performed in front of this breathtaking natural backdrop.

Such events take place on a separate stage in front of the actual Floating Stage. Whilst this reduces the number of seats, it does not detract from the open-air feeling. The extravagant stage design of the opera productions also enriches events inside the Hall, especially when the supporting programme includes a back-stage tour.

BOA 2.0 – optimum sound quality on the Floating Stage

In collaboration with Müller-BBM, the Bregenz Festival has developed a completely new system of acoustic spatial simulation for the Floating Stage. It offers spectators an open-air sound experience that is unique in the world.

The name BOA 2.0 – Bregenz Open Acoustics – stands for a significant development in directional hearing: spectators can accurately hear and follow both the position and movement of soloists and other sources of sound. Speakers on the Bregenz Floating Stage create a “sound dome” – a tool that allows conductors to be able to act acoustically, artistically and dramatically. In simple terms: BOA 2.0 provides listeners with extraordinary open-air acoustic pleasure.

Hiring the Floating Stage for concerts

Take a virtual tour or use the live-cam to see an up-to-date image of the Floating Stage. Please either address any queries regarding its availability to our event planners, or contact the relevant account manager directly. We will be happy to provide you with room plans and capacities to plan your event, together with all the technical data.

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