"Excellent Apprenticeship Company" certificate 2022

The initiative Ausgezeichneter Lehrbetrieb ("Excellent Apprenticeship Company") is targeted at organizations that demonstrate an above-average quality standard in the training of their apprentices.

Quality in the training of apprentices is defined by specific admission criteria and assessment criteria, intended to ensure transparent and objectively quantifiable assessment.
Kongresskultur Bregenz is delighted to have been certified an Excellent Apprenticeship Company again.


Admission criteria

Organizations offering apprenticeships have to satisfy the admission criteria in order to apply for this certification. If this is not the case, the certificate cannot be awarded. Factors important for admission are timely and up-to-date training of apprentices, evidence of apprenticeship planning, compliance with material legal provisions relevant to apprenticeship, and an above-average quality standard as a declared aim of the apprenticeship programme.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria include factors that together make up high-quality on-the-job training in the view of institutions responsible for the “Ausgezeichneter Lehrbetrieb” initiative. Criteria that relate to how the subject matter of an apprenticeship is imparted are as important here as success in the training of apprentices, special commitment to slow learners or disadvantaged young people, and further training opportunities for those carrying out the in-company apprenticeship programme.
A certain number of points are attributed for each assessment criterion. A maximum of 22 points can be scored by an organization offering apprenticeships which manages to fulfil all criteria completely. The certificate can be awarded if an organization achieves a score of 15 points or more.

The "Ausgezeichnete Lehrbetrieb" is a joint initiative of the Federal State of Vorarlberg, the Chamber of Trade and Industry and the Chamber of Labour. Certification as an Excellent Apprenticeship Company lasts for three years.

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