Barrier Free Location

One feature of a building that is open to all is its accessibility: maximum freedom of movement for wheelchair users, a guidance system for the visually impaired and an audio system all help ensure that everyone is welcome.

Barrier Free Location

Wireless transmission for visitors with impaired hearing

We’re delighted to be able to offer you an optimal audio experience when you attend our events. If you already possess a Sennheiser EW 300 bodypack transmitter, then you can use your own device. Our transmission frequency is 518.400 MHz.

If you don’t have this device, you can collect one from the audience service personnel in the entrance foyer next to the Ticket Center on the day of the event. The receiver, which is about the size of a playing card, is worn directly on the body and operated by users themselves via an on/off switch/volume dial.

Visitors can choose between three types of hearing assistance:

1) Induction couplers, comfort level 1
The couplers are worn directly behind the ear, right next to the hearing aid. The red coupler is for the right ear, and the black one for the left ear. This is the most comfortable solution.

2) Teleloop or neck loop, comfort level 2
This is placed like a chain around the neck, from where it transmits sound to the hearing aid. It can also be worn under a shirt or tie.

N.B.! For both these types, the hearing aid must be able to be switched to “induction”.

3) Headphones
The audio assistance provided by hi-fi headphones is suitable both for those with mild hearing loss and those with no hearing impairment. A volume limiter prevents hearing damage. Various headphones are available: Walkman headphones, lightweight headband headphones and comfortable neckband headphones.

By using the individual volume control, visitors are able to influence and optimise their hearing experience at any time. Reception is possible in the Großer Saall, be it in the stalls or tiered seating, as well as in the entire foyer area. Selective warning signals, information and ring tones are also transmitted. Visitors with impaired hearing can therefore be addressed directly.

During the festival season, "limitless hearing" is also available on the Floating Stage, by means of one and the same equipment, which is also used for guided tours, lectures and simultaneous interpreting.

People with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users

All of the Festival House function rooms are easily accessible to people with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users via our lifts.

The Großer Saal has space for six wheelchairs. By prior arrangement and providing the stage setting allows, this can be increased to accommodate up to 20 wheelchairs. Please contact the Festival House directly.

Visitor guidance system for the visually impaired

Throughout the entire visitor area, lettering suitable for the visually impaired is located on the handrails and on and in the lifts. Guidance grooves on the floor guide visitors safely through the Festival House.

Restaurant buehnedrei

Restaurant buehnedrei

Of course, the restaurant buehnedrei can also be reached barrier-free.
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