Blaue Lounge

Exclusive view of the stage

Cool and elegant – the Blaue Lounge (means blue lounge) gets its unique character from the deep blue of its fixtures and fittings. It is located directly above the Floating Stage, with breath-taking views of Lake Constance.

This exclusive function room is not only available to guests in the Bregenz Festival Lounge; outside of festival season, it is also a popular venue for Christmas parties, galas, banquets and other festive events. The separate, adjacent kitchen makes service in the Blaue Lounge a logistical breeze. Our catering partner, evenTZ by foodaffairs, will successfully take care of the catering for your event.

A special feature is the long, curved glass façade, which can be completely opened to bring the outdoors into the Lounge, transforming it into fabulous loggia seating for up to 67 people. Perfect when you want to offer your guests something special.

  • Blaue Lounge im Sommer © Christian Grass
  • Blaue Lounge Abendveranstaltung © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Blaue Lounge Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Blaue Lounge Festspielhaus Bregenz © Bruno Klomfar // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Blaue Lounge mit Stuhlreihen
  • Blaue Lounge Workshopraum
  • Blaue Lounge Workshops © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz
  • Blaue Lounge Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Koehler // Kongresskultur Bregenz

Technical Specifications

Length x width 37 x 7m
Exhibition space 120m²
Room height 2,3m
Banquet 60 People
Standing room 63 People

Listening in

Do you want to watch an event in the Großer Saal with your friends, business partners or employees in a small venue and from a distance? The Blaue Lounge offers you the opportunity to do this, with a built-in monitoring system that allows you to see and hear what’s happening live in the Großer Saal – together with your guests and shielded from other spectators.


The standard technical equipment provides the best conditions for any event: using the dimmable LED lighting, you can create a unique atmosphere at the touch of a button, just as in Foyers I and II, the Propter Homines room and Seefoyer. Concealed ceiling speakers fill the Lounge with the background music of your choice. Connection points for monitors, projectors and sound equipment are available throughout the Lounge. If required, your Event Manager will provide you additional mobile equipment.

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